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Project Ticket


BestProAction can help you design your individual projects. Examples include (but is not limited to) creating a specific template, animation, editing, or even creating a 3D project. For a quote, please send a detailed email with your request. At that time we will have a specialist communicate with you and give you a quote. All pricing is dependent on the complexity and time requirement to complete your request. Pricing is in increments of $50.00 with a minimum of one ticket (for example, a basic project that our experts can do quickly). Once we reach a mutual agreement, you will need to add to your cart as many $50.00 project tickets to meet the agreed upon price. For example, if the agreement was $200.00, you will need to purchase four $50.00 tickets. Once full payment is received, your project will begin.

Please read the product description, requirements and skill knowledge before ordering. If you have any questions about this product please contact us prior to your order. FAQ.

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